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Your satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to become one of the hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers who have trusted in Redi-Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. since 1952.
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We have been so impressed as no other company we have ever used has taken their service so personal.
— Jim and Karen Janet,

I have always found them to be accessible and quick to respond to my needs -- whether it’s during regular hours or 10 p.m. on a Saturday night. 
— Glen Johnson,

Their service is excellent, the crew is great and they even answer the phone at all hours and it’s not an answering service.
— George Klein,

"We are really pleased with everything they do and would recommend them in a heartbeat!!"
— Mr. Smythe,
Park Ridge

"They’ve shown up when we’ve had no heat no matter what day it was - they're like our family and I wouldn't trust anyone else and neither would the rest of my family."
— Mrs. Benson,
Arlington Heights

"I wouldn't think of hiring anyone else and would recommend them to anyone."
— Mrs. Magnifico,
Arlington Heights

"They have always made us feel like family and we will continue to use them for all our heating and cooling needs plus, we will keep on recommending them!"
— Mr. Busse,
Mt. Prospect

"They do excellent work, are easy to work with, completely dependable and we would never use anyone else.”
— Mrs. LaRocca,
Park Ridge

"Great service, always helpful and prompt and we've been a Redi-Heating & Air Conditioning customer since the early 1960’s.”
— Mr. Kleiner Jr.,

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*Offer valid for new systems or complete system replacements in our territory only.

Warm up—and cool down—with us. Add value and comfort to your home with energy-efficient, heating and cooling systems.

Family-Owned and Operated in Chicagoland
Since 1952.

  • Go GreenBetter Health. The right combination of home comfort systems can reduce mold in your North Shore home and maintain a cleaner home air environment to decrease the symptoms of allergies, asthma and respiratory problems.
  • Add value. Updated HVAC Chicago cooling systems and HVAC Chicago heating systems will add much more resale value to your Northwest Chicago suburbs home than older HVAC Chicago systems. Outdated, inefficient, unhealthy or even dangerous systems can be a negative factor when a buyer is looking for a new home. Any realtor can tell you how much an upgraded central heating and cooling system will add to your resale value.
  • Enhance efficiency. Today's new HVAC Chicago heating systems and HVAC Chicago air conditioning systems are optimized to work in the latest, most energy-efficient ways possible. Your heating and cooling bills will go way down!
  • Reduce Maintenance. Not only does the right system cost less to operate, it will cost less to maintain.

Why trust heating and cooling systems from Redi-Heating & Air Conditioning?

  • We're the experts. We won't just put you in the most expensive HVAC Chicago system. We'll assess your individual situation, calculate your home's needs and recommend the system that's just right for you.
  • We offer a "whole" home approach to our customers. This means that if it's financially feasible, we encourage our customers to upgrade their entire HVAC Chicago system all at once, rather than one component at a time. We know through years of experience that compatible components working together optimally will give you the greatest value and performance.
  • We have vast industry knowledge, using only the most reliable sources.
  • Our comprehensive HVAC Chicago product selection meets every need.
  • We're also a leading installer of hydronic radiant flooring systems and driveway snow melt systems .
  • Add value to your North Shore home
  • Optimize your Northwest suburb heating and air conditioning system
  • Our North Shore and Northwest suburb homeowners save time, save money
  • Work with the trusted professionals at Redi-Heating and Air Conditioning

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